Adpet Watch Dog for your convenience

ADPET Watch Dog is specially formulated with the unique Watch Dog in mind and is a complete and balanced dog food for all sizes and breeds. ADPET Watch Dog is available in pack sizes of 20kg and 8kg. Watchfulness and alertness as well as a lovely coat are of utmost importance. To assist in just that, we have included folic acid for alertness as well as rice to aid ease of digestion. Furthermore, manganese is included for improved cell function,while the zinc and copper assist in maintaining a healthy coat and skin.

Guaranteed Watch Dog Analysis


Crude Protein

200g/ kg (Min)


100g/ kg (Max)

Crude Fat

75g/ kg (Min)

Crude Fibre

40g/ kg (Max)

Crude Ash

80g/ kg (Max)

Product Benefits & Feeding Guide

  • No artificial colourants and flavourants
  • Lysine - an essential amino acid for dogs
  • Manganes for improved mitochondrial function
  • Rice for ease of digestion
  • Zinc & copper for healthy skin and coat
Feeding Guide

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